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Securing Our Future


The developmentally disabled adult population of Nelson County is underserved. While we have many active participants at the Guthrie Opportunity Center (GOC), we estimate that there may be 200 or more individuals in our community that could benefit from additional programs and vocational opportunities. Expansion of our programs will require appropriate working areas, additional employees and staff.

To meet this need we are working with local school officials and other agencies to develop more programs and processes that allow for identification and assessment of students and guide their integration into our programs. Developing new lines of business will require capital investment for equipment, marketing and staffing. We estimate that a short term goal of $2 million will enable us to accomplish our goals.

The Solution

The Guthrie Opportunity Center Foundation is working to maximize our potential by adding contract service capacity and expanding our current program offerings. We believe that there is a much larger population of developmentally disadvantaged adults that can benefit from our programs and work opportunities. To improve this situation, we are working with local school administrators, counselors and teachers in our Triumphant Program that facilitates student transition between our local high schools and the GOC programs.

Presently, developmentally disabled students are allowed to stay in school up to the age of 21. The Triumphant Program is helping students to easily transition to our vocational training program or workforce after they have completed high school. In so doing, we not only expand the vocational opportunities for current participants, but also attract additional individuals to our GO Center programs and opportunities. In addition, we are informing parents and family members about our programs and the enriching benefits to be realized.

Adding new lines of business will help us expand employment opportunities and generate operating capital. For example, our On-The-GO Foods business trains participants to prepare, package and sell various prepared food products such as cookies and box lunches. Going forward, we will continually be seeking new lines of business by engaging business leaders in Nelson County and surrounding communities to find new opportunities that are well suited for our clients and their abilities.


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