Welcome to TRIUMPHANT!

This program is a joint venture between Bardstown City Schools, The Guthrie Opportunity Center, and Nelson County Schools. It is a collective vision of the aforementioned; the goal is to ease the transition from high school to adulthood for each participant. They will leave, TRIUMPHANT!

TRIUMPHANT includes classroom and community course offerings. Course work includes soft skills that employers seek, coupled with self-advocacy and empowerment lessons. Our time in the community focuses on generalizing those skills learned, and honoring the gifts of each participant. By the end of their tenure at TRIUMPHANT, participants and families should leave with a preferred worksite placement and a family plan of action.

TRIUMPHANT is a partnership. We welcome parental involvement and encourage transparency. Working in unison ensures individual successes and foster healthy relationships for all parties.

How Can You Make A Difference?

900 Nutter Drive Bardstown, KY 40004

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